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You my friend,

Have gifts to share with the world.
Your light + magic are needed –
now more than ever.
You are so very unique
with your own innate strengths.
That set you apart, and help you
show up + serve with purpose.


My goal is to breathe life into you and your business. Yes, we’ll create new pretty visuals for your brand – but we are going to build them on a foundation of deep alignment with your strengths, values + purpose. I’m here to hold space for you + guide you while we take a deep look within.

By building a brand that has a strong foundation rooted in your mission and values we will start to cultivate a magnetic attraction to your soul clients – those clients that light you up and inspire you to show up and serve like you never have before. 

I’m Katelyn.

I know what it’s like to care deeply about the work you do.

I’m intuitive and compassionate –and that sensitive side of me allows me to connect your purpose + mission with a magnetic brand rooted in your unique strengths + values.






my dog


sagi / pisces

a little bit more about me…

I work from my home studio in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’m a lifelong learner who loves to problem solve by making thoughtful, forward-thinking, creative connections. That could be in branding or any DIY home project or furniture flip! I’m an HSP which makes me intuitive, compassionate, and obsess over the little details that elevate things to the next level. It also means I know what it’s like to care…. deeply. I’m somewhat obsessed with self-development and yoga. However, I know first hand how difficult it can be to slow down, look within, and practice mindfulness both in your everyday life but also in your business!